Sydney Plans

Just now I had a chat with my friend Grace who lives in Sydney. She invited me for a visit, except that I would have to find my own accommodation because she is in the midst of renovating her house. Boy, I can live without the noise and dust and I would rather pay for my accommodation in one of the scenic Sydney Hotels.

Grace recommended Darling Harbour Hotels to me which she says is within walking distance to the many restaurants and bars and fine dining. Oh, she is tempting me with food! According to, a 3-star Darling Harbour Hotel starts from AUD120. It’s kind of out of budget, though, unfortunately, but luckily too. I am fat enough and don’t need to fight off the temptation of food even in Sydney! That would be tough to resist!

I checked the rates of North Sydney Hotels and they look more affordable with prices starting from AUD59 only and the location is convenient too, just north of Harbour Bridge. I hope that I am lucky enough to catch a show at the Opera House. I think we need to book our tickets in advance too!

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