New Contextual Link Building Services

Since joining a couple of companies that offer Contextual Links Building services, I have been on the look out for more companies so that I can sign up as a publisher. The latest company to join this new media consumer generated advertising in contextual link building through blogs is

Inetzeal offers three different contextual link building packages ranging in price from $250 to $325. Each package includes 30 original blog posts with a minimum length of 200 up to 400 words with three to four links and deep links in post pointing to the client’s site. It is very important to ensure that such posts are relevant to the client’s site in terms of post topic and blog theme and published in blogs of various Google Page Ranks, with Page Rank 2 at the lowest to offer maximum value, benefit and effective search engine placement for their specific keywords.

Clients who are not that savvy and do not know which keywords to target, although they are allowed a maximum of ten keywords per package bought, can leave that to the hands of professionals of Inetzeal.

Although I am a publisher for many different contextual link building marketplaces, Inetzeal is different from all the rest because all packages come with a fixed THIRTY posts only and the length per post is set at 200 – 400 words. Also, no disclosure is required since contextual link placement, if written well, does not constitute advertising.

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