Major Irritation

As a very active blog for pay blogger, I have written posts for many sponsors. I write them good and I write them fast. However, what irritates me is that there will ALWAYS be someone who has no original idea of his own and would look for the sponsor’s URL and keywords through websites like Technorati or Google Blog Search.

Yes, it irritates the hell out of me because I don’t have the time to check if my content is being copied or not. I’ve got no time to keep checking through sites like CopyScape to see if my content has been stolen. And having discovered an intellectual thief before, I do not like the feeling and do not want to face the same problem again.

You may say that it is not a big deal and that in fact I am getting extra traffic, but heck, I am feeling as if this person is spying on me! I don’t know who this person is and I am so glad or I would be hounding his blog to check if my content has been copied over.

My point is, write your own posts and if you do read other people’s posts before writing your own, you would tend to consciously or unconsciously get a little word or phrase from here and there to make up your own seemingly “original” post.

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