Draft Still Can Read?

The other day, an advertiser played punk and refused to pay for my work done. All thirteen of them! I was told to take them down and keep them in my draft folder so I did. Unfortunately, that was already ten days the posts have been live and Google has already spidered and indexed my posts.

So I was very unhappy and told my friend that it is very unfair for the advertiser to just ask us to remove them all when he already has received link juice from our blogs. My friend said that it is possible to remove the post from Google’s index. I don’t know how and I am afraid that I would remove my whole blog from it. DIE! 😀

Anyway, sometime later, I saw that somebody went to Google Search to look for that particular keywords of the advertiser and guess what? No prizes here.

Well, that person managed to find my post and he could read the FULL text of my post including the image! Darn it! I know because I also clicked on the link just to see if it would return an error.

See, bloggers are actually the losers when advertisers decide to play punk! GGGrrrr

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