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As a blogger with multiple blogs, in a way, I have been trying to find a way to market my blogs. I know I can’t be forever writing as actively as I am now but if my niche blogs are marketed well, I believe that I can create passive income streams from link placements on my sidebar from relevant advertisers.

I have read up on search engine marketing and optimization. So far, people who are using these services are for commercial sites but I am trying to implement what I have learned on my blogs instead. I think that if I do it well, I could pull away from the pack of being just a “blog”.

The bottom line is, no matter what we call it, I am trying to not only to build my Page Rank but also to place certain keywords at the top of the major search engines pointing to my blog(s) so that advertisers would fight to be on my blog. I know this is daylight dreaming but if others have done it, what’s stopping me?

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