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While checking my traffic stats tracker, I came across someone coming from a site called Blog Dino. That got me curious, especially anything that has the name DINO to it since that is the name of one of my beloved dogs.

So off I went to check this out and it actually is a search engine for blogs and news sites. This is certainly different from my default search engine Google because there is a tag cloud below the search bar.

In my opinion, people who have lots of free time on their hands and without a specific site to read and just surfing aimlessly on the internet can find this really useful.

As an example, as you can see on the screenshot, SEX is one of the keywords. If you do not know yet, the larger the size of the font, the more times it has been mentioned,. As an experiment, I clicked on SEX and I was brought to a search page with relevant results from blog posts and news sites. However, on this page, there is also another larger tag cloud, with all sorts of keywords that are linked to the word SEX. So I clicked on PORN and the same thing goes on with a large tag cloud with keywords linking to PORN.

I did not actually have time to read how accurate the search results are rendered but it is like a game to jump from an article to another related one. Too bad I do not have time to explore more.

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