Are Contextual Posts Sponsored?

We are all still unclear, I guess, and although it has been announced that we do not have to sandwich all our sponsored posts with organic posts, preferably linkless ones, except for those taken from triple P, defining sponsored posts with respect to contextual links in normal ordinary posts is critical in defining a blog from a 50:50 ratio of sponsored versus non-sponsored content.

This is rather tough to determine. To me, a post with a contextual link is not sponsored if we successfully managed to integrate the link into our posts but it is sponsored if it is awkwardly thrown into a post.

It’s well and good to say, “You know it when you see it”, but that is so subjective. I don’t really want to violate any company’s terms of service but at the same time I do not want to feel as if I am pressured to write posts that I do not feel the passion for.

That being said, I need clear guidelines to work freely and if the guidelines say that contextual posts are sponsored, then by all means let us know in advance so that we could work within the guidelines.

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