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Over the weekend, I met my old classmate, Wendy. She has clear porcelain skin even back then. Although we are of the same age, I felt tired and old being next to her because of my bad complexion. People who do not know us would surely think that I am older but in fact, I am younger by months. Also, I admit to feeling inferior and suffer from low self-esteem no thanks to the wayward pimples on my face. I know that I can look as beautiful as the next person if only I could rid myself of acne once and for all.

I have tried many over the counter as well as prescription drugs but nothing worked for long. They do give me a slight improvement when first used that make me think that I have found a solution but it goes back to square one after some time.

After meeting Wendy, I came home and once again read up on acne causes. Why can Wendy have such a clear complexion while I can’t? Is it our genetic make up? According to an authoritative website on acne, they are caused by a combination of factors including hormones, excessive sebum, follicle fallout, bacteria and inflammation.

When I first suffered from acne, I was told that it’s the hormones and that everything will pass when I am 20, but it’s been years since then and I am still suffering from it. Personally, when I am stressed out, I can feel acne popping out. I wonder if it is a good enough excuse to still be suffering from acne at my age, that I am under stress!

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  1. I understand your pain and how you feel about your friend Wendy. My daughter had the same issue growing up and it really lowered her self esteem, which affected the rest of the family. Acne can stay with you your whole life too, but I hope you have had luck with it since when you wrote this post. I try to share acne home remedy treatments with my friends who suffer from acne. Have you tried any home remedies?

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