Weird Friendster Messages

I don’t know about other Friendster members but why am I always receiving weird messages from fellow Friendster users??

Is it my face?
Is it my name?
Is it my picture?

This is just but one of the most recent messages that came in a couple of days ago. And I am pretty sure these guys send out messages not only to one person.

need help…
Message: u date before?
I am sure u did date before.
But, i am 23 years old already.
But, i have never have a girl friend before, even ordinary girl friend also do not have.
Do u know why?
i will tell u, because i am ugly not handsome!
But , i feel it is unfair! Why all those punk guys who are lowly educated and bad guys have girlfriend. And me, particularly a church guy, educated and kind guy have no girls……………This world is so unfair!!!!!! I wanna cry and die!

It is so funny…. I did not reply him personally though. I never reply to messages from strangers. What I find so funny is that how come this guy, already 23 years old, does not know that life is unfair and that all the bad guys always get the good girls? Doesn’t he watch movies?

To get the girls, one has to be BADD *snicker*, one has to be COOL. And one has to be RICH! Ah… then all the girls will come like bees to honey, you say correct or not?

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2 thoughts on “Weird Friendster Messages”

  1. Hmmm… I would say he is young and not realy exp. with a partner. After some years he will write the next post “Where is the good old time? I was free, I was lucky…..”

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