The All Important Tertiary Education

None my friends whom I got to know in adulthood believe that I do not have a college degree. They think I am pulling their leg but why should I downgrade myself? If I do have a college degree, I would have been proud to let others know, of course, unless I got it through warming the seat!

It is all the more ironic that unlike my friends, I do not have a degree education when both my uncle and aunt are prominent educationists in the country! What is that about the black sheep in the family?

In my own defense, it was not as if I did not study hard enough. I did aim for a university degree when I was in high school. Everyone was saying how it is THE only goal we should set for ourselves to reach and that having this coveted piece of certification would open up so many opportunities for us.

Having two educationists in the family means that my siblings, cousins and myself would be getting free study tips each time there was a family gathering. They did not just taught us how to study for a degree but how to score, how to get a first class degree. Naturally those were the times that I don’t have fond memories of because nobody wants to think of books during the holidays!

I put it all down to bad luck. Well, I really studied hard and even obtained rather good grades but before I managed to even enter university, my family went into financial distress and almost went bankrupt. When things became such, the family was in the verge of breaking up, there was no money and we did not even know when the next meal comes from, education was the last thing on my mind.

I had to go out to work, to earn, to support the family in whatever way I could. Being the youngest, I suffered the most because my brother and sister were already completing their tertiary education, and since I haven’t started yet, it seemed as if I have the least at stake.

Till today, I have a chip on my shoulder because society looks at people like me, people without a university degree, differently. Many people think that we are incapable of performing at work. I don’t think it is true because we do have worldly knowledge that we gained from working young!

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