Reviewing Financial Independence

Whilst blog hopping today, I got to know of a blog review contest where the best review of Financial Independence will get to win GBP50 or USD100. Well, I think this is a good chance for bloggers to take a shot at the prize.

Well, I shall not review the posts because I have read through them and although I am not interested in financial issues (I am female, you know?) I believe that many people would find value in such posts.

What I would like to point out is that I like the clean simplistic layout of the blog but it is suffering from a little color clash. For one, the green is either too light or too striking on my screen and I have tried to view it with Internet Explorer and FireFox. The slight contrast of the green and the stark white background makes it difficult to read.

However, I like the header of the blog. It looks familiar, like I have seen it on some financial websites before but I am sure this is original but the message spells $$$ to me, somehow, and so I feel that the header is spot on for a blog with this theme.

On with the color clash…. the Google Adsense and MyBlogLog are in dark blue which does not match the overall color scheme of the blog. The same applies for the dark green for the Blog Catalog viewers.

There are two FeedBurner buttons on the site, one at the sidebar and one at the bottom. The bottom one should be taken off. PayPal’s Make a Donation button should be moved to the sidebar as well.

Also, there is a link to “” at the footer of the blog which leads to Page Not Found.

So there you have it, my review of Financial Independence which could make the blog more pleasing to the eye. Wish me luck!

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