It’s Saturday Over Here But …

…. it’s time to bite Kate! I have forgotten to do so in the last session, what with all the bad stuff happening over at the home front. So, things like this sure slip my mind.

But this time, I remembered! Well, I wanted to post this yesterday and then thought that I should post it on Saturday because it is still Friday over in Kansas. I have set my cell phone with different time zones:- Kuala Lumpur (my time zone), Tennessee (my sister’s time zone), Hong Kong, New York (Paul’s time zone) and Florida. As my list of foreign friends grows, I would have to make way for some of their time zones as well.

Sometimes I use WorldMate where everything is preset and what I need to do is just select the City. Too bad they have four slots only. I could also key in the cities on my own phone but it’s quite tedious.

Anyway, I am so tired, because I went to bed past 3am and set my alarm clock at 6am. What crazy hours I keep! Dreams also no chance to come!

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