It’s Not Always About The Payout

As a blogger who blogs for pay, I was asked if I only select high paying opps to write. Well, of course not. Blogging is more than that.

Recently, I was lucky to snag a $5 opp that brought me a lot of traffic from organic searches. See, $5 is considered a low paying opp but it brought me traffic that I would not have found. Although the topic is something that I am rather familiar with, I did not thought of writing about it earlier because I was not that passionate about the topic.

However, now that I have seen the volume of traffic that the selected keywords could generate, I would be exploiting it more and writing more on the said topic since I already know about the subject.

Many people do not understand how we could blog for pay. Besides the income, I do enjoy being introduced to all sorts of websites, services and subject matters that I would not otherwise have known about.

Let’s not forget about the traffic. Besides those that come from organic searches, there are also traffic from your colleagues and many other sources that could only help in your Alexa ranking. And what about the host of people whom I got to know through blogging?

Like I said, it’s not always about the money.

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