Blessing Of A Lower Ranked Blog

I have quite a few blogging buddies with Google Page rank of four and above for their blogs while I only have three. Well I started blogging quite late so I need a little more time to build my readership and popularity.

Anyway, these people told me that they will not write any ol’ sponsored post for less than $7 because they think their blogs are too good and anything less than $7 is too cheap a rate.

And then they come and complain that they haven’t written as many sponsored posts as they prefer. I don’t know, if you want to be choosy, then don’t complain because you have to choice to take up the low paying ones.

As for me, I am glad to write any posts at all and HAVE written posts lower than $3 and some times even free. But I should be happy that bloggers with high ranked blogs do not look at the low paying opps. That gives us a chance to earn a decent amount of money.

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