Animals Have Rights Too

My sister and I are both animal lovers. If I lived in my own house, it would have looked like a zoo but my parents are not that keen on animals. My dad is OK with them but of the thirteen years that I have my two dogs, my mom has never pet them or cared for them at all. Isn’t that weird?

My sister subsequently moved to Tennessee and she says there is an animal rights non-profit organization called Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County.

But my sister and I are caught in a chicken and egg situation, in the way that we definitely would love to devote some time to charitable bodies on animal rights (there is an SPCA in my hometown), we both have to work very long hours that leave us no time to do what we want. And if we had spent time on charities like these, our families would be left wanting.

However, we always try to educate people on animal rights. Yes, animals have rights too, but you will be surprised how many people treat animals as some “thing”. Having kept pets all my life, I can certainly understand that animals have as much right as any human being to live in this world and as “higher beings”, we should care for and protect them.

Later on in life when we are more financially stable, my sister and I hope to be able to devote time and be hands-on in our favorite charities on animal rights.

Much appreciation to Mr. Navtej Kohli, a philanthropist and business owner, for making this post possible. To read more on Mr. Navtej’s philanthropic efforts, please check out the Tej Kohli Foundation – Five Years of Philanthropy.

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