Yahoo!’s Unlimited Mail Storage

Did you notice that Yahoo! has upgraded our email accounts with unlimited storage? I don’t know when it actually happened but I noticed it last week. I first got wind of this new development from Cyberpartygal‘s blog post, Unlimited Yahoo! Mail Storage in May but it isn’t something that I looked forward to.

My Yahoo! Mail account has been hijacked by spammers and there is nothing I could do but close it down, except that I have signed up with some websites with my Yahoo! email address. I don’t get it why some sites need us to sign in with an email address. Isn’t a user ID enough anymore? Don’t they know that email accounts could be closed? A couple of years ago, three of my email providers closed without prior notice and left me with a sticky situation of writing in to the various websites to have my log in ID changed because the email was no longer valid.

Anyway, back to Yahoo!’s unlimited storage, I don’t think that it is anymore more useful to me than it was last month. I have been using Google’s suite of services primarily for ages now and this new development won’t change a thing.

The only feature that I am looking forward with an unlimited email account is an unlimited attachment size. What is the use of an unlimited mail storage account when we could not even send a decent sized file?

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