Technorati Issue Resolved Once Again

Well, you may know that I was one of those unfortunate Technorati users who were affected by the known bug issue of not being able to PING Technorati. The first time round, my Technorati problem was solved after more than three months as soon as I published the Podcast with David Sifry.

I thought that finally everything is well and good but I was wrong. A few days after that, another of my blog had the same problem. Maybe the problem has been there but I did not notice it, I don’t know. Anyway, again, I wrote in to have my blog respidered by Technorati. I didn’t want to bug the customer service staff so soon after they resolved one issue, really, but that is the only way I could let my problem be known.

So I wrote to them about the new problem and was prepared to wait for another three plus months. Much to my surprise though, I received news that my blogs are now in order. Yay! This time it took about three weeks maximum to get it done. Their customer service has improved so much compared to the three month plus wait the first time round!

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4 thoughts on “Technorati Issue Resolved Once Again”

  1. Oh no, the internet has ears (and eyes) lol

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Am glad that everything is in order now! And thanks for the great service. I log in to Technorati daily :-)

  2. Dealing with Technorati sure can be torture. I have one blog I’m still waiting for them to allow me to add to my account. Very frustrating having a random legit blog blocked as potential splog.

  3. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for your comment. I know how you feel. Sometimes I too wonder if they are reading our emails but I am sure they are, just that it takes time to clear the backlog. Good luck!

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