Petition Against Johor Rape Case

Last week, a friend of mine from Johor Bahru asked me to sign a petition regarding the complain against the rape case that happened in Johor not too long ago. I told him that I am not from Johor, is is appropriate for me to sign? Is this a community or a national issue?

A couple of days ago, my friend sent me a forwarded email with the same link to the complaint site. It was forwarded to him by Ms. Fong Po Kuan, the Batu Gajah MP. Ms. Fong has already signed the petition even though she is from Perak. So I guess anybody can sign since it is a national issue.

The organizers are striving to collect a total of a hundred thousand signatures by 24th June 2007. Total signatures at the time of writing this stands at 68790.

The appeal is as follows:

Pihak kami serentak merasai keadaan keamanan dan keselamatan di Johor Bahru semakin tergugat dan rakyat hidup dalam situasi yang bimbang dan gelisah. Bersama ini kami menurunkan tandatangan sebagai satu penyampaian citarasa kami kepada pihak berkuasa, kami berharap pihak polis akan menfokus dan berusaha dengan sepenuhnya bagi membanteras jenayah untuk mengembalikan keyakinan kehidupan yang aman kepada rakyat semua.

If you too feel strongly about this issue, please do sign the petition. While one voice may go unheard, I am sure that a hundred thousand or even more voices will not go unnoticed.

The link to the website is HERE.

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