News From Lawrence In Torrevieja

Not too long ago, I wrote about my friend who will be posted to Spain to work. The bad news for me is that he has already left Malaysia but the good news for him is that he has left early to pack in a Spanish holiday before starting work! My, how he is enjoying his holidays. I have already received quite a few postcards, SMS text and email messages from him from each Spanish city that he stopped by, the latest is Torrevieja, a beautiful coastal town.

Lawrence said that could easily be the largest salt producing city in the world, thanks to the surrounding salt lakes. Each salt mountain reminds him of our little private joke about him being saltish. He sent me some photos of the salt lakes and they really look great although I can’t taste them. I have been told that salt water like this is great for health and skin disease could also be cured if one were to dip in the lake.

I am promised more photos and I am even hoping for some videos as well.

Lawrence told me that although he will be based in Madrid, he will get to travel to some other Spanish cities as part of his job and he is looking forward to head this way of Costa Blanca. He told me that the city’s name means “Old tower” and he did see some towers which add to the attraction of the city. One thing that surprised him was the large British and Irish community. He did not know why there were so many of them though, but the pubs and entertainment spots vibrantly cater to them!

Lawrence told me to quickly put aside my job and responsibility and look him up in Madrid so that we can go to Torrevieja for dip in the salt lakes. I will have to think about it first!

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