How Popular Is Your Blog?

I came across a new widget on the blogosphere which I think bloggers should embed on their blogs if they want to know how popular their blogs are. I used to wonder why bloggers are like one of a kind species because they feed their ego with traffic, comments and votes from their readers.

With a blog rating widget powered by, they can actually SHOW their popularity on their blog itself.

I used to run website that requires readers to cast their vote as well and found that I had to explain to them that the first star on the left is actually the lowest score that one could give while the first star on the right is the highest. I was surprised that something as logical like this escaped some people.

Therefore, with this Blogorator widget it would be great if the stars increase in size from the left to the right.

I also found that when we hover our cursor over the stars, only the first star will show 1/5 while the others do not show 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 or 5/5

Over at the website, although we could customize our widget by changing the colors to suit the layout or theme of our blogs, I feel that we should be provided with a palette of colors. I had to search for HTML color guide on the internet and copy the code over to match the color of my blog. With a palette readily available, members would find it easier to change the color of the widget.

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