Getting A Legal Will Online

Recently, my uncle, who lives in British Columbia, Canada, had a health scare. He was going in and out of the hospital so much that we thought it was something serious. We asked our aunt if he has a legal Will but he did not and because he was so preoccupied with hospital visits and doctor’s appointment, he could not spare the time to get it done at the lawyer’s office.

A colleague then recommended Easy Legal Will to them where they could get a legal Will online. After paying $59 by PayPal or credit card, my uncle was given a series of questions to answer. My uncle did that as accurately as possible and soon enough, the Will was ready to be printed out and signed.

While all these seems ordinary enough, my Uncle could return to the website anytime within the year to have his Will edited or revise or even rewritten at no extra cost.

After one year, my Uncle could extend his service by only paying $19 and he will also receive a second account for free which could be given to anyone he wishes. Of course my aunt should get that, shouldn’t she?

I really love the internet. It seems as if there will be companies offering any service that are useful to people who do not have access to people in real life. I am still amazed by the things that are online.

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2 thoughts on “Getting A Legal Will Online”

  1. At first glance, I thought you were getting a Wii online, my friend. But woooooo! The post focuses on obtaining an online will! This is the first time I’ve come across a topic! Imagine that! We are indeed living in the future – and planning for it. More power, my friend!

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