Free Auto Blogger

I came across this nifty tool called Free Auto Blogger while surfing the internet. As the owner of multiple blogs, I surely can appreciate the hard work needed not only to maintain the blogs but also to network and build backlinks and popularity while trying to raise the Page Rank.

However, I do not get it why would anyone cheat the system, and importantly, himself, by using such a tool, helpful it may be, by building a blog or even blogs not by his own effort?

It is very satisfying when we see the many backlinks pointing to our site all by own own hard work and see the Google Page Rank rise with every Google update every three months or so.

Maybe I am just a sucker for hard work but I get a kick out of seeing my Technorati ranks go up all because I did some homework the night before. So while it is certainly tempting to use this tool, it is after all, free, I don’t think I will ever be using it.

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