For A Charitable Cause and More

There are many ways for us to contribute to charities and the best is to contribute to a cause that we personally believe in. That being said, there is no need to announce to the world when one has contributed to charity. This is just my opinion.

Just this morning, I came across, a website that sells mostly used books and some new titles. This is no ordinary online book store, though.

For every sale that is secured, BetterWorld channels the money to fund literacy around the world, plus create jobs in health care in Indiana, USA. Besides doing a little in our part to fund literacy and care for the environment, we also get to buy the books we love at a very reasonable price. This is indeed good news to all book lovers because we get to buy something we love while helping out with the cause.

As if that is not enough, when we buy from BetterWorld, we get to enjoy free shipping within the United States or pay only $2.97 for international shipping. I think that with this extra savings, we can buy a couple of books more!

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