Committing to a Tertiary Education

My friend Henry, who made me promise him to get a college degree has asked me for an update! Eeekkk I haven’t made any commitment to continue with my education for lack of time but Henry won’t buy my excuse!

So I will be setting a goal for myself to get a college degree online within this couple of years since it is more convenient to study at my own pace than attending real classes. For one, I save a lot of time commuting to and from college if I were to study at home after work and I will not be distracted by college social life and friends. As an adult with plenty of responsibilities and commitments, I need to stay focused, much more than a normal college student.

Right now, I am not sure with which college I should sign up with since but I do know that it has to be an accredited college so that my qualification will be valid and recognized.

I expect a better tertiary education to bring me better opportunities in life but first, I will have to hit the books once again.

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