And I Thought I Was Bad

I spent the past couple of weeks blog hopping and commenting on various interesting blog posts. Most of these blogs are by bloggers who are writing sponsored posts.

Unfortunately, there was one particular blog, although I do not recall its name but only remember that it is a Blogspot blog with its default pink layout, which had the whole front page of sponsored posts. While I am not begrudging anyone for making a buck, I feel that by having a sponsored post one after another with sponsored posts as interims, which should be original, is excessive.

Previously, I thought I was bad with about 50% sponsored posts but hey, I am no where near her level. Even when I used to write a lot of sponsored posts, I did have lengthy interims where it matters and I have recently slowed down considerably to give more value to my growing readership.

Blogs like that run the risk of being labeled splogs and may be kicked out of the system if the blogger is not careful and get tracked for multiple violations.

I have recently tipped another blogger off regarding double posting out of my kind heart, in case she was caught, but my friend told me not to go around making enemies. They may not like it. Well, I know, but sometimes I can’t go away without letting the blogger know of his/her mistakes because I don’t wish anyone to be disqualified from making some money blogging. Sigh, what a tough decision!

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