Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation

Image courtesy of Mary Kay Ash

I believe most of us have heard of Mary Kay. It is a very popular brand name for beauty products in the United States, although I am not sure if this brand is available in Malaysia or not. Living in the backwaters is no help!

Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay, started a charitable foundation aptly named Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation, in 1996. She championed causes that affects women, particularly cancer that afflicts women and domestic violence.

Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation has a website which I have just browsed through. They invite cash contributions; cash is the most practical, anyway. What I like about their donation drive is that they allow contributions on behalf, which means that we can make a contribution to the foundation in memory or in honour of someone. This is a great way to help someone to lessen the effects of karma.

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