Hanging Computer

For the whole of yesterday I had my computer switched on and connected to the internet and I only shut if off at 7.30am in the morning. After an hour and a half, I switched it on again and the stupid PC kept hanging. That was just before 9am. I had to shut it and restart and it refused to shut down. Strangely, I could restart it, just that I could not shut it down.

What the heck could be wrong? I am a non-technical person and I hate to troubleshoot it. I’d rather just chuck it into the big river that’s next to my house.

So this cycle went on until 1pm My AVG Free detected a trojan. Could this be the culprit??? It was healed and I hope it stays healed and not get restored into the system. How the hell my computer could contract a trojan, I do not know. I just formatted my computer a week ago!

Anyway, I really need a back up system. Maybe it’s time to invest in a laptop? How about one of those Sony VAIO C Series notebooks?? As the saying goes, “Every girl needs a pink laptop!”

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