Another Language To Learn

My friend, Lawrence, told me the good news that he will be based overseas soon. He will be an expatriate, earning expatriate income! He said that unfortunately, he will have to take up intensive foreign language classes! I think that should not be a problem fr him because he currently already speaks five Asian languages! Some people just have that flair for languages!

Lawrence said that he wanted to take up an online Spanish course but eventually enrolled with Executive Language Training, or better known as ELT.

What made him decide on ELT is the fact that all their language courses are custom tailored to each specific student. They know that their students, being executives, have a busy schedule so not only are course materials customized but also study hours and the location! That’s right! The trainers will be going to any place that Lawrence is for his class. Isn’t that awesome?

Also, Lawrence said that to receive one-to-one coaching, he is better able to absorb his lessons with the distraction from other students. All these factors helped him make the decision of studying with ELT. I am sure he has made a good choice!

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