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A friend of mine has just started a blog. This is his first blog so he is all enthusiastic about building his network. He asked me for a link up and of course I obliged. I told him that I will link him up on my other blog, but to reciprocate, he has to link up this blog on his blog.

He did not understand why. Well, my other blog has a Google Page Rank of three. It is not great but it is better than this, a blog that was started after the previous Google Page Rank update so it is still unranked.

Hence, this blog has no value to him but my Page Rank 3 blog will add some weight to his new blog. He asked me why he has to link this blog on his and not the other blog, which has his link. To have an unrank blog link up a ranked blog will actually pull down my rating. So, thank you very much!

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