Japanese Anime BoBoBo-Bo BoBoBo

I have been watching Japanese cartoon since the days of Ultraman and diligently packed in episodes of Dragonball, Sailormoon and Pokemon. It is strange indeed that I find Japanese anime really entertaining despite not knowing Japanese at all and depending solely on subtitles.

Thanks to Cartoon Network, I have my fair share of Japanese anime, the latest is Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. If you have watched this afro-haired guy before, you will know how hilarious he can be. Many of my friends who are adults also find it highly entertaining and I am not surprised!


Recently, the DVD release of BoBoBo-Bo BoBoBo was criticized by fans for having English script. Fans wanted the as original as possible, which Japanese subtitles. Illumitoon actually listened to the fans and offered a trade-in program for anyone who wants to exchange their copy of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo with English subtitles to one with Japanese translated subtitles. For me, I personally prefer one with English subtitles.


If you are not familiar with BoBoBo-Bo BoBoBo, then you should Check out the Official Website!


As a warning though, BoBoBo-Bo BoBoBo’s golden Afro-hairdo will take some getting used to but watch it long enough and you will get to love the guy and his antics.

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