Design a Fuel My Blog Widget and Win!

I have been a happy member of the Fuel My Blog for months. They are so actively organizing competitions that I am so hoping to win because they always have exciting prizes to give away that are relevant to bloggers.

The latest is their Design a Widget competition. If you do not know what is a Fuel My Blog widget, look at my sidebar for the black, orange and yellow rectangular box, remember to click on it too and vote for my blog!

So, yeah, they are running this competition where the winner will win a free blog consultation from an expert from Better Business Blogging. Didn’t I say they always have relevant prizes?

Every blogger needs feedback from an unbiased third party, so this is a chance too good to be missed, and from a professional, no less. The thing is, not only Business blogs need such a consultation; even personal blogs need one too. Well, I wish I could stand a chance to win this too but I can’t even draw to save my life *sigh*

Click HERE for more information on the Fuel My Blog Design a Widget Competition!

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