It’s Getting Cold Out There

To be honest, I did not feel the warmth over there. Most people there are damn kiasu. They made it seem as if we were the alien invaders. If I were on the other side of the divide, I would gladly welcome the implementation of changes since there will be less qualified people and hence less competition. 

Unfortunately, I am on this side, where my kind will be sidelined, either because of our blog host, education level, geographical location or whatever excuse that they may have now or in future.

I feel that it’s an inaccurate assumption that own-hosted blogs are superior to free sub-domain blogs. In fact, Blogger blogs are so idiot-proof that they get indexed even without doing anything, except blog. So it’s unfair to also exclude people with high Page Rank free hosted blogs.

Well, I guess it’s time to let go. It’s time to move on. Play time is over. Now, I just wanna concentrate on building my blogs, especially this baby. And how about some Korean drama? Anyone?

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